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Shipping Policy Updates-Mar 2022 – HOLIHOLIC

Shipping Policy Updates-Mar 2022

Shipping Policy Updates

Mar 13, 2022



Thank you so much!


  • Posted on by Victor cute
    Hello☺️Do you welcome some expert tips and recommendations to boost your store sales 💕?
  • Posted on by dounia
    Why is that my cart is over 159 dollars (170) but i have to paye 16 dollars for shipping ? i live in france and the threshold for free shipping is 159, i don’t get how to get free shipping.
  • Posted on by phi vo
    i bought three times products over 59 dollars but i didn’t get free shipping , why ?
  • Posted on by Sue

    I live in London,
    If I order some staff after do I have to pay VAT here? Do you know please?

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