[DASIQUE] Juicy Dewy Tint #Romantic Blossom
[DASIQUE] Juicy Dewy Tint #Romantic Blossom- This dewy tint creates a juicy coating with vivid colors for a lively makeup look.- The moist formula provides long-lasting moisture with a nonsticky finish. How to UseGently apply a moderate amount from the...
$23.00 $18.00
[JUNGSAEMMOOL] New Classic Glaze Lipstick
[JUNGSAEMMOOL] New Classic Glaze Lipstick 2.3g- Its new glazer texture creates enamel layer coating with a long-lasting glow.  - Contains menthol to give a refreshing finish with a plumping effect. - Contains 4 kinds of natural oil, hyaluronic acid and ceramide NP...
$39.00 $34.00
[TWO SLASH FOUR] Sculpt Lip Shaper
[TWO SLASH FOUR] Sculpt Lip Shaper Multi-functional lip base as a concealer, lip base and lip liner.  How to Use- click 1-2 times of the product. - Draw a lip line or fill the uneven lip color.  
$39.00 $32.00
[ROMAND] Glasting Color Gloss #Spring Fever
$23.00 $17.50
[ROMAND] Glasting Color Gloss #Spring Fever
[ROMAND] Glasting Color Gloss #Spring Fever- This lip gloss creates glassy and non-sticky volume. - Creates a buildable glossy coat on the lips to deliver a dewy and fuller lips makeup. How to UseApply gently from inside the lips with the...
$23.00 $17.50
[ROMAND] Juicy Lasting Tint #Spring Fever
$23.00 $17.50
[ROMAND] Juicy Lasting Tint #Spring Fever
[ROMAND] Juicy Lasting Tint #Spring FeverLovely spring fever series of ROMAND juicy lasting tint. How to Use1) Use the tip to gently apply from the center of lips2) Apply color outwards to your desired extent3) For faster shine, do not...
$23.00 $17.50
[Alternative Stereo] Lip Potion Steaming Milk Balm
[Alternative Stereo] Lip Potion Steaming Milk Balm 6g- This enriched milk balm gives instant steaming care for smooth and soft lips.- Contains hydro-collagen and peptides provides firming care. - Nourishing balm texture with a smooth finish.  How to Use Apply a moderate...
$29.00 $25.00
[Colorgram] Tintin Dory Lip Jam
[Colorgram] Tintin Dory Lip JamThis lip glow jam creates a vivid color with a clear gloss.  How to UseApply an appropriate amount to the lips with a brush or cotton swap.
$17.00 $14.50
[Hince] Raw Glow Gel Tint 4ml
[Hince] Raw Glow Gel Tint 4ml- Comfy gel glow texture provides a natural shine with a raw glow finish.- Lip conditioning ingredients deliver long-lasting moisturizing care. - Vegan & Mild.  How to UseApply an appropriate amount of the contents to the...
$28.00 $19.50
[3CE] Drop Glow Gel
[3CE] Drop Glow Gel 3.8gThis moisturizing lip gel delivers vivid color with a gel glow finish.  How to UseGently apply a small amount on the lips.
$34.00 $27.00
[Heart Percent] Dote On Mood Top Coating Lip Plumper
[Heart Percent] Dote On Mood Top Coating Lip Plumper 6.5g- This lip plumper creates moisturizing and plumping glow lips.- Completed skin irritation test.How to UseApply an appropriate amount to the lips. IngredientsHydrogenated Polyisobutene, Diisostearyl Malate, Octyldodecanol, Hydrogenated Polydecene,Tridecyl Trimellitate, Silica...
$25.00 $19.95
[Sulwhasoo] Glowing Lip Balm 3g
[Sulwhasoo] Glowing Lip Balm 3g- This hydrating lip balm provides radiant and hydro-volumized lips.- Contains ginseng seed oil to boost the firmness and help minimize the appearance of fine lines. - Lock in moisture for 24 hours.  #NO.000 Clear: A transparent,...
$54.00 $45.50
[Sulwhasoo] Perfecting Lip Color 3g
[Sulwhasoo]Perfecting Lip Color 3g- Delivers a natural vitality to your lip and cheek. - Contains nourishing ginseng seed oil that covers the lips to moisturize, soft, and comfortable.
$58.00 $49.50
[TONYMOLY] Get It Tint Glaze Balm
[TONYMOLY] Get It Tint Glaze Balm 1.8gThis moisturizing lip balm creates a coating layer to prevent moisture loss and keep lip glowing for a long time.How to UseApply an appropriate amount to your lips, from the inner side of the...
$29.00 $22.00
[Peripera] Ink Mood Glowy Balm #Night Peri Friends Collection
[Peripera] Ink Mood Glowy Balm #Night Peri Friends Collection- This lip balm delivers a subtle, natural-looking shine.- Leaves lips looking smooth, supple, and healthier.
$20.00 $17.50
[Alternative stereo] Lip Potion Balmy Rose 9ml
[Alternative stereo] Lip Potion Balmy Rose 9ml- This lip tint delivers a soft color with a natural glow. - Contains skincare ingredients to provide long-lasting moisturizing. How to Use- Apply a moderate amount from the inner lips to the outer lip line.-...
$35.00 $29.50
[WAKEMAKE] Soft Coloring Lip Palette
[WAKEMAKE] Soft Coloring Lip Palette 12gThis lip palette contains 12 colors of glaze balm that provide various lip makeup. #01 PINK FLOOD GLOWING#02 PEAK PEACH GLOWINGHow to UseTake a moderate amount with a brush and apply it to your lip. 
$49.00 $39.50
[fwee] 4D Voluming Plumper
[fwee] 4D Voluming Plumper 5.3gThis transparent lip plumper helps create a full and plump lip look with a glass bead-like glow.How to UseApply an even layer on the lips with an applicator.
$25.00 $19.95
[fwee] 3D Voluming Gloss
[fwee] 3D Voluming Gloss 5.3g- This brand-new lip gloss gives an extra glow with volume coating. - Creates a transparent coating film on the lips with a long-lasting glow. How to UseApply directly to the lips as needed.
$30.00 $25.50
[ETUDE HOUSE] Dear Darling Oil Tint
[ETUDE HOUSE] Dear Darling Oil Tint 4.2g- This lip oil tint provides a long-lasting plump and glossy look.- Contains 70% oil ingredients to nourish and moisturize dry, chapped lips. How to UseApply generously to the lips. 
$19.00 $16.95
[DASIQUE] Make Up Mini All Kit
[DASIQUE] Make Up Mini All Kit Limited edition of makeup mini all kit.  This set includes:- Shadow Palette Mini #Milk Latte x 1ea- Juicy Dewy Tint Mini #Cherry Soda x 1ea - Juicy Dewy Tint Mini #Peach Ade (Limited) x 1ea - Starlit...
$49.00 $39.95
[Nuse] Mousse Liptual
$29.00 $26.00
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[Nuse] Mousse Liptual
[Nuse] Mousse Liptual 4.5g- This smudging mousse provides the perfect shade on your lips. - Contains black cica complex to soothe and moisturize dry lips.  How to UseApply an appropriate amount, filling the inner part of the lips outwards. IngredientsWater,Dimethicone,Caprylyl Methicone,Glycerin,Dimethicone/Vinyl...
$29.00 $26.00
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[Nuse] Color Care Lip Balm
$29.00 $24.50
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[Nuse] Color Care Lip Balm
[Nuse] Color Care Lip Balm 4.3gThe oil balm texture adheres to lips smoothly to create a moisturizing luster without stickiness. How to UseApply a moderate amount from inside to outside lips gently.
$29.00 $24.50
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[Colorgram] Fruity Glass Stick
[Colorgram] Fruity Glass Stick This tinted lip glass stick adds gorgeous color and glossy shine to your lips for hydrated, fuller-looking lips.  How to UseWear it alone on bare lips or over-layer it topcoat after your lip product.
$20.00 $16.50
[code glokolor] Color Lipcerin
[code glokolor] Color Lipcerin- Trendy 6 colors for lip coloring!- This lip moisturizer contains glutathione to reduce flaking and provide firming and soothing care. - The flexible wax structure smoothly glides on the lips and gives a soft finish. - Vegan product...
$22.00 $18.50

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