[KIRSH BLENDING] Sweet Dream Tint Balm
[KIRSH BLENDING] Sweet Dream Tint Balm 4g- This tinted lip balm creates dewy and vivid lips. - A melting texture contains 8 types of hyaluronic acid to give long-lasting moisture without stickiness.How to Use Apply it to dry lips as...
[MUZIGAE MANSION] Object Liquid 6ml- This blurring gel textured lip tint delivers a filter-like color with airy fitting lightness. - Vegan-certified product. How to Use Apply an appropriate amount on your lips, from the inner side to outward with an applicator.IngredientsDimethicone,...
[MUZIGAE MANSION] Icy Glow 5.3ml - This glow lip tint creates moist and dewy lips like slightly melted ice- The semi-clear texture gets blended with your own lip color to create a natural and dewy gloss with a long-lasting glow.- Passed...
[Espoir] Couture Lip Tint Watery Shine
[Espoir] Couture Lip Tint Watery Shine 7.5gThis watery shine lip tint gives a lightweight moist glow. #Yummy chai: Cinnamon beige. #Sunny Apricot: Bright apricot.   How to Use 1) Use the tip to gently apply from the center of lips...
$29.00 $24.50
[ROMAND] Juicy Lasting Tint #Summer Pink Series
$18.00 $14.95
[ROMAND] Juicy Lasting Tint #Summer Pink Series
[ROMAND] Juicy Lasting Tint #Summer Pink Series 5.5g Lovely summer pink series of ROMAND juicy lasting tint. #26 VERY BERY PINK #27 PINK POPSICLE How to Use 1) Use the tip to gently apply from the center of lips 2)...
$18.00 $14.95
[DASIQUE] Juicy Dewy Tint
[DASIQUE] Juicy Dewy Tint 3.5gThis dewy tint creates a juicy coating with vivid colors for a lively makeup look. The moist formula provides long-lasting moisture with a nonsticky finish. How to Use Gently apply a moderate amount from the inside...
$27.00 $22.00
[FEEV] Hyper-Fit Color Balm
[FEEV] Hyper-Fit Color Balm 12g- This hyper-fit color balm creates healthy glow lips with clear and transparent colors. - Contains more than 79% of skin conditioning ingredients that provide a moist feeling without drying- The dewy balm texture provides a...
$24.00 $19.95
[SKINFOOD] Forest Dining Bare Water Tint
[SKINFOOD] Forest Dining Bare Water Tint 4g This mild vegan lip tint is formulated with 44% Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract that creates a sheer moist lip with a non-sticky finish.    #01 Beige Breeze: Sand beige shade. #02 Sandy Coral: Deep...
$23.00 $18.50
[A.Black] Artistic Bold Velvet Tint
[A.Black] Artistic Bold Velvet Tint 8g This velvet tint adheres closely to deliver a strong and long-lasting color payoff. How to Use Apply a proper amount onto lips with the included applicator and blend naturally.
$26.00 $21.00
[A.Black] Vegan Lip Treatment Color Balm
[A.Black] Vegan Lip Treatment Color Balm 3.7g- This colored lip balm moisturized dry lips and creates natural and lively lips.- The melting formula lightly and moistly covers lips. How to Use Apply moderated amount to dry lips from time to...
$28.00 $23.50
[MOONSHOT] Performance Lip Blur Fixing Tint
[MOONSHOT] Performance Lip Blur Fixing Tint 3.5g- This new concept of blur fixing tint provides vivid colors and a feeling of blur at the same time. - The velvet texture creates a smooth soft blur lip.                     How to...
[ETUDE HOUSE] Fixing Tint #Kakao Friends Edition
[ETUDE HOUSE] Fixing Tint #Kakao Friends Edition- Etude house x Kakao Friends Fixing Lip Tint.- Mask Proof Fixing Tint- High moisture matte formula delivers a light and comfy feeling on the lips- Transfer -Proof Fixation: 60 seconds after application, ZERO TRANSFER!- New...
$22.00 $17.50
[ETUDE HOUSE] Fixing Tint Bar
[ETUDE HOUSE] Fixing Tint Bar 3.2g- This easy-fixing lip tint delivers a light and comfy feeling on the lips.- The color lasts over 6 hours with transfer-proof fixation. How to Use Apply an appropriate amount to your lip and blend...
$24.00 $18.95
[VDL] Lip Stain Comfort Slip
[VDL] Lip Stain Comfort Slip 2.5g This airy velvet lipstick provides long-lasting color with a smooth and matte finish. How to Use Spread the lipstick along the lip line. Ingredients Diphenylsiloxyphenyl trimethicone, neopentyl glycol dicaprate, vinyl dimethicone/methicone silsesquioxane crosspolymer, dimethicone,...
$34.00 $29.50
[DASIQUE] Mood Glow Lipstick
[DASIQUE] Mood Glow LipstickThis daily lipstick provides a highly moisturizing floral color with long-lasting gloss. #01 Cream Sand: Beige coral shade. #02 Nude Pumpkin: Muted orange-coral shade. #03 Peaches: Lovely, bright peach coral shade. #04 Rosehip: Soft, muted pink coral...
$32.00 $26.00
[HERA] Sensual Fitting Glow Tint
[HERA] Sensual Fitting Glow Tint 7ml- This lip tint offers a light and natural glow.- The unlimited buildable texture delivers various looks with layering.  #419 LAZY BANG #103 HIDDEN MAUVE#304 SEQUNCE #126 RIDDLER #467 GINGER SCENTED #79 CHARMED How to...
$48.00 $42.00
[WAKEMAKE] Watery Tok Tint
[WAKEMAKE] Watery Tok Tint- This lightweight watery tint provides long-lasting hydration without stickiness.- Delivers clear and vivid color for a natural glowing look. #01 Red Water #02 Grapefruit Water #04 Pink Water #05 Coral Water #06 Cherry Water #11 Grapefruit...
$22.00 $17.95
[Hince] Mood Enhancer Matte
[Hince] Mood Enhancer Matte 3.5g This daily lip stick delivers dense and rich lip color to your lips with smooth matte finish. #Allure: Classic rose beige #Timeless: Deep orange beige #Eternal: Deep coral rose #Soft Demand: Elegant petal rose #Crave:...
[Hince] Mood Enhancer Water Liquid Glow
[Hince] Mood Enhancer Water Liquid Glow 4ml - This glow tint creates vital glow lips with a water coating layer.- Comes in various muted soft color   #01 New Allure: A rose-beige color. #02 Borderless: A peach-beige color. #03 Harmonious:...
$35.00 $29.95
[A’PIEU] JUICY PANG Color Lip Balm
$17.00 $14.50
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[A’PIEU] JUICY PANG Color Lip Balm
[A’PIEU] JUICY PANG Color Lip Balm 3g This color lip balm provides natural revitalizing color with non-sticky moisture. #PK01: Tinted strawberry milk color #PK02: MLBB Pink guava color #RD01: Cherry-red color #RD02: Popular MLBB rich red color #CR01: Grapefruit coral...
$17.00 $14.50
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[DASIQUE] Water Gloss Tint
[DASIQUE] Water Gloss Tint- The water gloss texture creates transparent vivid lips.- Light and moisturizing formula provide a long-lasting glow. #01 Peach Fairy: Sweet mute coral#02 Rose Dahlia: Romantic rose coral.#03 Heart Wave: Lovely Pink Red#04 Blooming Red: Rosy sensual...
$27.00 $22.00
[MERYTHOD] Reel Tatto Glass Lip Tint
$28.00 $18.95
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[MERYTHOD] Reel Tatto Glass Lip Tint
[MERYTHOD] Reel Tatto Glass Lip Tint - This watery lip tint creates a glowing and volumizing lip without stickiness. - Its double-layered technology delivers long-lasting coated color. #01 PEACH WAVE #02 LOREN PINK #03 WIND BERRY #04 PRIKY RED #05...
$28.00 $18.95
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[athe] Airy Lip Balm
[athe] Airy Lip Balm 3.3g- Red Velvet Joy's Pick! - This vegan airy lip balm creates a healthy, lively and dewy look while giving a long-lasting nourishing effect. - The light airy texture perfectly adheres to lips with a velvet finish. How...
$46.00 $39.50
[Peripera] Sim:plain Water Blur Tint
[Peripera] Sim:plain Water Blur Tint 4.3g This daily water jelly tint is quickly absorbed to create light, silky smooth lips. #01 Veiled Coral #02 Linen Pink #03 Comfy Mauve #04 Diffused Rose #05 Washed Red How to Use Spread an...
$23.00 $18.50

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