[Anua] Niacinamide 10% + TXA 4% Dark Spot Correcting Serum
[Anua] Niacinamide 10% + TXA 4% Dark Spot Correcting Serum 30ml- This lightweight watery serum reduces and prevents dark spots in 14 days. - Targets dark spots, post-blemish hyperpigmentation, uneven skintone and dullness. - Contains 10% Niacinamide + 4% Tranexamic Acid +...
$39.00 $32.00
[Mediheal] Derma Modeling Pack
[Mediheal] Derma Modeling Pack This 4 in 1 full package ( ampoule, powder, mixing bowl, spatula) makes you experience easy at-home aesthetics.Easy home aesthetic care for your various skin concerns. #Teatree: Instant calming / Soothing / Cooling care #Madecassocide: Blemish and spot care...
$14.00 $9.95
[Manyo Factory] Galac niacin essence mask 1ea
     [Manyo Factory] Galac niacin essence mask 1ea- This sheet mask infused with Galactomices fermentation removes dead skin cells, manages pores and balances oil and moisture levels.- Made with 100% vegan bamboo sheet.How to Use- After toning, place mask over...
$4.00 $1.90
[AHC] H Mela Root Hydra Glow Double Treatment Essence 140ml
[AHC] H Mela Root Hydra Glow Double Treatment Essence 140ml- This 2 in 1 essence contains mela root ingredients to Help effectively reduce dark spots and brighten up uneven skin tone.- Double layer of cream and essence texture delivers intense...
$48.00 $39.50
[SKINFOOD] Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Serum 50ml
[SKINFOOD] Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Serum 50ml- This brightening serum formulated with 75% Yuja extract that reduces the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. - Contains Niacinamide helps to boost brightening for a clear and glowing complexion.- The watery texture...
$39.00 $27.00
[Anua] Peach 70% Niacinamide Serum 30ml
[Anua] Peach 70% Niacinamide Serum 30ml- This brightening serum contains 5% of Niacinamide and 70% of peach extract to help brighten dull skin for a glowing and vitalized complexion. - Contains peach yogurt complex gently removes skin dead cell and...
$39.00 $29.95
[numbuzin] No.5 Vitamin Niacinamide Concentrated Pad 70pads
[numbuzin] No.5 Vitamin Niacinamide Concentrated Pad 70pads- This glutathione film pad infused with vitamin ingredients and glutathione that provide intense brightening and anti-oxidant effects. - Contains Vitamin and Niacinamide delivers intense brightening care and make your skin clear and vitalized....
$39.00 $34.00
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[BRTC] V10 Multi-Lift Sleeping Pack 80 ml
[BRTC] V10 Multi-Lift Sleeping Pack 80 ml - This sleeping pack is infused with sea buckthorn extract and Vita Extract Complex™ to reduce blemishes, brighten skin and improve skin health. - Contains triple hyaluronic acid and panthenol to strengthen the...
$42.00 $39.50
[MISSHA] Time Revolution The First Essence Enriched
[MISSHA] Time Revolution The First Essence Enriched 150ml- Formulated with 97% extreme cica ferment that helps strengthen skin’s natural defenses and improves signs of aging. - Provide intensive brightening, wrinkle repair, and moisture benefits.How to Use- After washing your face,...
$59.00 $39.50
[athe] Vital C-some Toning Concentrate 20ml
[athe] Vital C-some Toning Concentrate 20ml- Red Velvet Joy's Pick! - This intensive vegan ampoule is formulated with 20% pure vitamin C to brighten up and improve uneven skin tone, blemishes and spots in 7 days. - The lightweight formula with...
$68.00 $39.95
[Mediheal] White Milk Brightening Serum
[Mediheal] White Milk Brightening Serum 40mlThis milk serum contains 5% Niacinamide and whitening active ingredients to effectively brighten and improve dull skin while nourishing the rough skin. How to Use Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on the face.Ingredients...
$45.00 $42.00
[Centellian24] Madeca Mela Capture Stick
[Centellian24] Madeca Mela Capture Stick 10g- This multi-melanin care stick visibly improves dark spots and blemishes.- Deliver deep hydration and help to reduce the appearance of aging. - Contains Pure vitamin C, Niacinamide, Madeca suicide that effectively brightens dull skin...
$34.00 $17.95
[SU:M37] Bright award Bubble-De Mask Black
[SU:M37] Bright award Bubble-De Mask Black 100ml- This 5-in-1 bubble mask has a visible effect for brightening, deep cleansing of pores, sebum control, skin soothing and moisturizing.Contains Black Complex and fermented pearl protein to strengthen skin barrier and improve skin elasticity.-...
$54.00 $35.50
[Dr. Jart+] Dermask Brightening Solution
[Dr. Jart+] Dermask Brightening Solution 5 pcs This microfiber face sheet mask instantly brightens skin tone and deeply moisturizes tired skin.How to Use- Remove film and apply mask over cleansed face. - Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes then...
$32.00 $27.50
[HANYUL] Yuja Brightening Wrapping Mask Sheet 1P
[HANYUL] Yuja Brightening Wrapping Mask Sheet 1PThis wrapping mask sheet deeply hydrates and visibly brightens up rough skin while sleeping. How to UseApply on face and remove after 10-20 minutes, then absorb the remaining essence into skin. IngredientsWater, Butylene Glycol,...
$6.00 $4.50
[Torriden] Cellmazing Mask Trial Set
[Torriden] Cellmazing Mask Trial SetCellmazing mask set for firming and brightening care.  #Cellmazing Firming Gel Mask Sheet x 1ea- This firming mask formulated with Torriden’s unique 5D complex low molecular collagen tightens enlarged pores and improves skin elasticity. #Cellmazing Vita C Brightening Mask...
$18.00 $13.95
[MEDI-PEEL] Bio Intense Gluthione White Cream 50ml
[MEDI-PEEL] Bio Intense Gluthione White Cream 50ml- This brightening cream formulated with glutathione, niacinamide, and 10 kinds of liposomal vitamins to make clear and transparent skin. - Contains  5 kinds of peptides to enhance skin health. How to UseApply an approximate amount as...
$45.00 $29.50
[BIODANCE] Intensive Whitening Ampoule 30ml
[BIODANCE] Intensive Whitening Ampoule 30ml- This brightening ampoule contains 50,000ppm Niacinamide for intensive brightening care. - Low-irritated formula provides mild yet effective daily care. - Contains Glutathione, rice extract, and rose water for a smooth and clearer complexion. How to UseApply a...
$48.00 $45.00
[UIQ] Biome Vita C Dark Spot Serum 30ml
[UIQ] Biome Vita C Dark Spot Serum 30ml- This brightening serum contains Niacinamide and Acetyl Glucosamine to inhibit melanin production and fade and prevent dark spots.- Provides intense spot care for a clearer and smoother complexion.- Low pH formula and relief...
$39.00 $34.00
[Centellian24] Madeca Derma Mask Brightening Formula 1ea
   [Centellian24] Madeca Derma Mask Brightening Formula 1ea- Intensive brightening sheet mask made by DONGKUK Pharmaceutical’s technology. - Contains Centella Asiatica extracts and glutathione to visibly improve dull skin tone while hydrating. - 100% cotton sheet fits the skin without...
$4.00 $1.50
[Medicube] Deep Vita C Capsule Cream
[Medicube] Deep Vita C Capsule Cream 55ml- This intensive brightening cream formulated with Vitamin water, Vitamin C derivates and Niacinamide to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brown spots.- The liposome vitamin capsule effectively delivers active ingredients deep into...
$65.00 $54.50
[Abib] Gummy Sheet Mask Vita Sticker 10P
[Abib] Gummy Sheet Mask Vita Sticker 10PThis brightening mask contains glutathione and active niacinamide to provide clearer and vitalized skin. How to Use1. Place the mask over the entire face, while avoiding your eye and lip area. After being evenly positioned,...
$50.00 $35.50
[BIO HEAL BOH] Vitamin Toning All in One Essence 120ml
[BIO HEAL BOH] Vitamin Toning All in One Essence 120ml- A multi-skin essence for hydrating, glowing, tone up and skin texture improvement. Provide 3 steps all in one care for toner, essence, and lotion. - Vita-lon liposome helps deliver active ingredients for...
$38.00 $29.50
[BRTC] NEW Vitalizer Whitening Sleeping Pack100ml
[BRTC] NEW Vitalizer Whitening Sleeping Pack100ml- A total care sleeping mask pack makes your skin bright, clear and revitalized with 10 kinds of vitamin capsules.- Hyaluronic acid and panthenol moisturize and firm the skin during sleeping.  How to UseApply a...
$40.00 $29.50

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