How To Select And Use Sunscreen Correctly: Sunscreen Cream Vs Sun Stick




How To Select And Use Sunscreen Correctly: Sunscreen Cream VS Sun Stick

Every women’s bag will always have sunscreen whatever the season is whether it is rainy or summer. Sun cream is a non-negotiable product, and everyone knows the benefits of it, but here are a few things one should know before using sunscreen.


How to select and use sunscreen correctly?

Sunscreen is the most important product as it will protect the skin from skin cancer and premature aging. If you want to make it effective, then you need to choose the sun cream that comes under the following requirements.

  • Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher
  • Your sun cream should be water-resistant so that you can use it even to the pool and beach
  • The sunscreen you prefer should provide broad-spectrum coverage, that is it should cover your screen from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • If you have oily skin or your skin is prone to acne, then you can prefer the water-based sunscreen

Sun cream is safe to use and one can use the sunscreen for all 365 days. Here are a few tips that will let you know how to use the sunscreen correctly.

  • Apply the sunscreen all over the face and neck before 15 minutes of going out. For effective and best results, you can reapply it every 2 hours
  • While using the sunscreen most people won’t apply it on the nape of the neck, ears, top of feet, and back of the hands


Sunscreen Cream Vs Sun Stick:

Both sunscreen cream and sun stick may be different, but both offer the same features of protecting your skin from wrinkles and harmful UV rays. But both have certain advantages and based on your skin type and lifestyle anyone can be a better fit for you.



Sunscreen cream tends to be more hydrating, so it would be the perfect option for women who are having dry skin. When it comes to the sun stick, it is new to the market, and most are based on wax and petroleum. So, it can be easily applied around your eyes and also it won’t get wear easily when it comes in contact with water.


If it is for primary use, then you can use the sunscreen cream as it can be applied generously on your skin, and also it will cover your skin well. But for secondary use, you can go for the sun stick as it will help you with the quick swipe.


When it comes to convenience, most people will prefer sun stick because they can be easily applied to the back of the neck. When you go for sun cream, you can achieve a thick layer, which will help the skin for extra hydration.

But whatever option you choose either sunscreen or sun stick, make sure to check whether it has a broad spectrum and the SPF should be 30 or above. Also, don’t forget to reapply it regularly.


5 best sunscreen products:


1. Innisfree Daily Soft Sunscreen Stick  

This Innisfree sun stick will be the perfect choice for daily use, and it not only protects your skin from ultraviolet rays but also protect you from fine dust. You can use this sun stick by gently rotating the dial which is at the bottom of the product and apply it all over your face and neck. This sun stick also provides a hydrating and moisturizing effect for your skin as it contains a cactus stem extraction, and it contains a mineral filter that will reflect the UV rays away from the skin surface.  


2. Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare

This super water-proof sunscreen comes with powerful UV protection and also it will protect the skin from sweat and water. The cream has an SPF of 50+ and even you can use this cream as a primer. It comes with the strongest SPF so it will offer a high-water resistant effect. It is suitable for all skin types; even people who are having sensitive skin can also use this cream. The cream is lightweight so it can be easily applied on the skin, and it will offer a non-sticky and matte finish.


3. Happy Bath Perfect Sunscreen Cream

Happy bath sunscreen cream will come with an SPF of 50+ and it is a lightweight and moisturizing cream. You can use this cream for everyday use as it will be gentle on the skin and also it will protect the skin from all the external stress. This is a water-resistant cream so it will protect your skin from water and sweat. It will give a high moisturizing effect, and apply an appropriate cream on the areas which is exposed to UV ray. It would be the perfect choice for everyday use.


4. Espoir Water Splash Sun Cream

This is considered the daily refreshing sunscreen cream, and it will effectively protect your skin from UV rays. Even you can use this cream as a makeup base and it will help to get glowing skin. This cream not only gives the moisturizing effect but also it will give the pink tone up. It will help your skin to stay refresh all day without having any sticky feeling. This moisture-gel skin can be used for the face and the body, as it will give a thin sun-filtering layer.


 5. Estee Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Protector

This is one of the best sun creams in the market, as it will offer multiple functions to the skin. This cream will offer an even skin tone, helps in the skin brightening, and also it will repair the skin. It can be easily applied on the skin, as you need to evenly apply it all over the face and body where the sun rays are exposed. It consists of active ingredients, so it will help you to stay active and refresh for the whole day. The cream has an SPF of 50+ and it consists of powerful antioxidants.


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