[AMUSE] Chou Velvet
[AMUSE] Chou Velvet 4g This vegan velvet tint delivers long lasting natural color with comfort fixing effect The lightweight chou cream moist lips with velvet finish. How to Use Take an appropriate amount and spread it on your lips to...
$34.00 $29.00
[AMUSE] Dew Jelly Vegan Cushion SPF38
[AMUSE] Dew Jelly Vegan Cushion SPF38 15g- This hydrating cushion formulated with vegan and safe ingredients that are suitable for sensitive and all skin types. - Contains 1000PPM panthenol to enhance skin elasticity and keep the skin moist all day. -...
$46.00 $42.00
[AMUSE] Dew Tint
[AMUSE] Dew Tint 4g- Red Velvet Seulgi’s Pick! - This moisturizing lip tint delivers excellent gloss and moisture and creates shiny, plumpy lips with a glittering finish. - Scoop applicator smooths lips with a single touch. #Shades# #01 LA VIE...
$34.00 $29.00
[AMUSE] Dew Velvet
[AMUSE] Dew Velvet 4g - This moisturizing lip tint delivers a clear and vivid lip color with a velvet finish. - Vegan-certified lip tint. #01. BOKSOONGA BLOSSOM: A semi-matte peach color. #02. SALGOO: Apricot coral color. #03. HIBISCUS: A ruby...
$34.00 $29.00
[AMUSE] Eye Palette #SUNLIT
[AMUSE] Eye Palette #SUNLIT- The versatile eyeshadow palette consists of 9 colors that perfect for base, eye line, and underline with matte and glittering finishes.How to Use Spread an appropriate amount over your eyelids with a brush or your finger. Ingredients...
$54.00 $48.00
[AMUSE] Eye Vegan Sheer Palette
$45.00 $39.50
[AMUSE] Eye Vegan Sheer Palette
[AMUSE] Eye Vegan Sheer Palette - This vegan eye palette comes in 6 colors with matte and glittering finishes.- Fine glitter glides smoothly onto lids with minimal fallout.- Certified by Eve Vegan. #01 SHEER NUDE: A combination of soft warm...
$45.00 $39.50
[AMUSE] Meta Fixing Vegan Cushion SPF45 PA++ 15g
[AMUSE] Meta Fixing Vegan Cushion SPF45 PA++ 15g- This fixing cushion’s megagram technology delivers a light yet powerful coverage with a smooth, matte finish.- Long-lasting coverage for up to 24 hours. - Vegan certified gentle cushion. How to Use Take...
$48.00 $43.50
[AMUSE] Skin Tune Foundation
[AMUSE] Skin Tune Foundation SPF45 PA++- A dual package foundation for concealer and foundation. - Contains peptides and hyaluronic acid to protect the skin from the harmful environment while hydrating. - Naturally covers uneven skin tone and creates a clear...
$50.00 $45.00
[AMUSE] Skin Tune Vegan Cover Cushion
[AMUSE] Skin Tune Vegan Cover Cushion 15g- This vegan cushion provides a long-lasting double cover for a clear and glowing skin look.- Contains EWG green grade ingredients.- Comes in 3 colors Peach, Ivory and Nude Peach. How to Use Take...
$50.00 $45.00
[AMUSE] Soft Cream Cheek
[AMUSE] Soft Cream Cheek The soft creamy cheek smoothly glides on your face and creates long-lasting lovely makeup look. How to Use Take an appropriate amount with a star-tipped applicator and blend it well on your cheeks in a gentle...
$29.00 $26.95
[AMUSE] Vegan Green Lip Balm
[AMUSE] Vegan Green Lip Balm 3.5g This vegan lip balm contains Shea Butter and Castor Oil to nourish and hydrate lips. #01 Clear: A transparent lip balm.#02 Rose: A sheer rose-colored lip balm. How to Use Apply frequently to your lips...
$29.00 $26.50
[AMUSE] Vegan Peach Cream
[AMUSE] Vegan Peach Cream SPF30 PA+++ 40ml - This Peach color tone-up cream naturally brightens skin tone and delivers peach-like glowing.- The 80% moisturizing essence formula is lightly fitted over the skin and keeps makeup all day.- Low irritating formula...
$39.00 $34.50
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